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France warned of al qaeda threat and warned of dangers to US national security

Syria chemical weapons have been «completely destroyed,» US warned earlier this week

Syria «is making progress» toward elimination of «all their chemical weapons in the territory of the regime,» Assad tells Russia

New US plan to defeat al qaeda threats to homeland

Assad says ‘I have been a partner to you since the beginning’

Assad denies ‘premeditated use of chemical weapons’

New Syrian chemical weapons claims could lead to ‘clashes’ with foreign-backed ‘terrorists,’ UN says

Al Qaida member arrested with Syria chemical weapons, Russian foreign ministry says

Putin and Assad say al qaeda threats to US are false

Assad says Assad and Russia do not expect Assad’s chemical weapons to be destroyed

Assad vows victory over al qaeda, says he’s’ready to fight the American army with everything’

The Pentagon and State Department, are developing a new program to combat al qaeda’s presence in Syria

US Defense Department plans plan to send 100 special forces troops to Syria to fight al qaeda

US to provide $20 million to Syrian rebels, train, equip, equip, train (US) Syrian military

U.S. military: al Qaeda, ISIS, al Qaida terrorists on the move in Syria and will take «all possible steps» to attack American

U.S. has created an air-defense zone over Syria to protect U.S. troops and aircraft

Syrian president says his chemical weapons could be destroyed if al Qaida fighters are defeated in Syria

Iran-backed militias are using chemical weapons against rebels in Syria

Iran calls on Assad to dismantle chemical weapons «once and for all»

Al Qaeda’s deputy leader on chemical weapons, warned: If your nation was threatened, go to hell

Iran’s top Quds Force commander on chemical weapons, said: If you come to me to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons I’ll go directly to you

Bashar al Assad, Bashar al Assad tells Russians: You are responsible for chemical weapons attacks in your country

ISIS claims chemical attack on Syria’s civilians, says U.S. is plotting with al Qaida to «bring about an American revolution»

Cabinet meeting with Putin at Kremlin to discuss Syria chemical weapons

Russia says Syrian opposition will hold meeting in Russia to prepare for strike

U.S. says military strikes may be needed on Assad’s chemical weapons if al Qaida claims chemical attacks on Syria

US warns Russian and Syrian jets ‘could cause problems if they stray’ from their own air strips

U.S. says it will arm rebels if rebels attempt to attack Assa

Spirit guaranteed a medal to the next player with the most kills in the map. Medals are awarded for kills in a particular category but not for the kills required to earn a specific medal for that map.

Players who won 1,000 medals earned a gold medal while players who won 3,000 medals earned a silver medal.

Players with a platinum level in their account can unlock certain features in the game (see below).

Trophies were awarded randomly to the following players and players who participated in certain events (see below) during the 2012 MLG Pro Circuit:

Player Name Prize Gold Silver Gold Bronze

Additional medals

In addition to the prize medals displayed above, there were several additional achievements (other than the one for the first prize), which did not require a single prize, that were awarded to players who won their respective maps (see below).

Additional Medal Earnings Player Name Prize Gold Silver Gold Bronze Total Earned Player Name Prize Gold Silver Gold Bronze Total

Winners of the three awards have been awarded gold.

Winners of the five award have been awarded silver.

Winners of the ten award have been awarded bronze.

Players who win a match in a particular category do not earn a medal.

Team Members

In December, in an effort to increase the number of top competitive players in the game, MLG announced that they have created an additional prize pool for the Pro Circuit (see below).

Pro Circuit Prize Pool Prize Percentage of total amount of prize pool to be awarded to Top 100 Players Earned by Top 2,500 Players in each category Team Members Team Player Gold Silver Bronze Gold Total Earned 1,000,000,000 $30,000,000 2,500,000 $12,500,000 $7,000,000 3,500,000 $7,000,000 $7,000,000 7,000,000,000 $7,000,000

This new prize pool had a similar structure, awarding 20% of the total prize pool to the top two teams and 20% of the prize pool to the teams that have achieved the number of placements required to win the overall Pro Circuit event.

Player and Team Names

Pro Circuit is one of the oldest team games in the history of eSports. The tournament format had been used since 1998, when MLG announced the Pro Circuit was the first tournament of its kind in the world. It featured 32 players, 2 teams and played for all regions of the US. Teams competed through a double elimination bracket format in order to limit the amount of time each player needed to gain experience in the game to maximize victory for their team. Each round had between 8 — 9 minutes to play, and if not wo

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