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Surgeons remove 232 teeth from indian teenager’s jaw

THEY are not your typical teeth-cleaning machines — a dentist has been sent to India to extract the remaining 22 teeth from the mouth of a 19-year-old girl.

The girl, who has not been identified, suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects verbal, spatial and motor skills. She also has severe hearing problems, and sometimes goes blind in one eye.

She says her parents have to keep the device — which uses a drill to extract some of her missing teeth — constantly hooked to a powerful electric current in her mouth for 10 hours each week.

But she has stopped using it. The device — a combination electric toothbrush and nail clipper — can have a serious side-effect.

The device, developed by a Japanese company in India, uses a «pulpy» or «slick» toothbrush for extracting the remaining missing teeth, which can then be reattached.

It has been found in 1,200 other parts of India, but India’s top dental specialists say that only 21 of the 22 teeth are in the correct position and only about 6% are left.

The Indian government has launched a campaign to encourage more Indian dentists to develop such products.

But some dentists are concerned the device will be given more attention, and more children may be affected. Dr Amrita Narayan, a senior surgeon at the State-run Indian Institute of Health and Family Welfare, said: «The first step would be to establish an accurate model, ideally using models developed by American dentists in developing countries, so that people in India could learn how they work.»

Von trier sickened by norway attacks

A soldier’s body lying on the floor of a military base in Norway was discovered on Thursday by a Norwegian official who said he believed the soldier had been shot by Norwegians.

Norway’s defense ministry spokesman, Peter Marten Tveit, said that military personnel were patrolling on a bridge at the southern tip of the island of Stavanger when they came across the body lying on the side of the road.

Tveit told the Norwegian daily newspaper VG that the soldier had been shot in the stomach before dying. The news was confirmed by the defence ministry by telephone on Friday.

«No soldiers from the Norwegian army were present and a local security guard was immediately on the scene and alerted local people,» Mr Marten Tveit added.

The army said the Norwegian Ministry of Defence was working with police on a death investigation.

«This is a deeply unfortunate situation that affects everyone who knows this soldier,» Norwegian Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen told NRK on Friday.

The prime minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, said the man was a soldier and the bodies were returned to his family after receiving proper identification. The bodies will then be sent to the family of the soldier.

Norway has about 12,000 soldiers stationed on its 7,500 miles of coastline.

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