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Prior community engagement can be a vote winner and has the potential to transform the experience of visiting a new or unique neighborhood.»

The goal of these projects is to «reach people in those new neighborhoods and get their thoughts on what it is like to live in these new neighborhoods.» In addition, the sites seek to encourage conversations about where the project will locate, what the development will be like, how it will affect the community and even what kind of development might occur there.

At the same time, the projects can help improve community understanding on issues like accessibility, affordability and diversity, as well as facilitate connections with nearby residents.

The project partners include the University of South Florida, South Florida College of Art and Design, B-Real, S&O Realty and the City of Miami-Dade, and the project’s site is located in a neighborhood that is only 10% Latino and 20% Black.

As with any project, the first phase of the project will likely take some time to complete. The city’s Urban Planning Advisory Commission was scheduled to hold a public forum May 7.

«In Miami’s African-American and Latino neighborhoods, there are often two kinds of residents: those who live there and those who don’t,» said University of South Florida associate professor of architecture Paul Brouwel. «We are very excited about bringing these types of projects to that area, because if we do a good job of finding and identifying what is necessary to connect these types of neighborhoods we can help to bring these things about.»

As of today, the project team currently is targeting to reach 200 homes across Miami’s neighborhoods in the spring of 2015.

«Our goal is not just to create a neighborhood with an eye toward becoming the next Disney World or The Grove, but to also create the experience of being part of the neighborhood,» said Scott Hightower, a UM associate professor of urban design who serves as the project’s chief engineer. «By creating that environment, residents can find their way back to what they loved as children and be able to reenergize themselves after all these years in a fresh way.»

A total of $6.2 million has already been pledged to the project, which has not yet been announced as part of the city’s redevelopment master plan or as part of the Miami Neighborhood Renewal Master Plan.

The project’s first home is located on the South Campus of the University at Miami.

via Flickr user Michael Schiller]

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League great dies after heart attack in training

And it could mean Liverpool cannot make any decisions about their starting XI until after Monday’s fixture at Crystal Palace.

It leaves Rodgers with little choice but to bring in a young player in the January window and the 29-year-old is believed to be a target.

Sunderland midfielder Ben Hamer (hamstring) and Spurs winger Danny Rose (ankle) are also out and the Reds have yet to finalise their squad for the trip to West Brom on Sunday, before travelling to Newcastle on Monday for a Premier League home game.

LFC’s January signings

Adam Bogdan, 28, centre-back, £8m from Borussia Dortmund (Liverpool)

Jordan Rhodes, 20, right-back, £16m from Sunderland (Liverpool)

Aidan Pope, 20, left-back, £1m from Blackburn Rovers (Wolves)

Daniel O’Brien, 30, midfielder, £3.3m from Sheffield Wednesday (Sunderland)

Ryan Meara, 26, striker, £1.5m from Burnley (Tottenham)

Reds on transfer market

Newcastle are set to make a last-minute bid for former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Andy Carroll, but they will also look for a fresh face and the 24-year-old could be available for as little as £9m.

Liverpool are targeting goalkeeper Simon Mignolet from Manchester City and are keen to add defensive reinforcements to their squad.

Defender Joe Gomez is on the move from Porto for around £3m and midfielder Adam Lallana is looking to move to Tottenham for around £30m.

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